Rhosnesni High School – Sports Video Prospectus


Initially meant to be part of a larger school video prospectus, this video highlights the sporting activities of Rhosnesni High pupils in action.

The original and much larger video prospectus project was the idea of the late Headmaster, Gareth Hughes, who wanted every educational aspect of the school to be showcased within a video prospectus and presented to new and present parents of the school’s pupils.

Sadly, the project was put on permanent hold due to Gareth’s debilitating illness and eventual passing.

When Gareth viewed this short sporting promo he was lost for words. He had tears in his eyes and told me how happy he was that I had captured his pupils in such a positive light and that it was exactly what he was looking for.

Whilst the project was not to be fulfilled, I will always be very proud to have been able to work with such a kind man and devoted headmaster.