Event Videography

There is no better way to advertise and promote an event other than through the means of video.

Using video before your event is all about generating enthusiasm for people as well as persuading those who are on the fence about attending. By offering a sneak peak, you can give people a feel for what their experience will be like.

Do you have an up-coming event that you would like filmed? I can put together a package of videography for your event and attend your venue or offices to film a video promo for inclusion on your website and on social media.

“We were extremely pleased with the fabulous promotional video, filmed and produced by Tim. It made our yearly event more profitable than ever, and enabled us to reach a wide audience, with many customers traveling from far to visit us. We were very aware that a video was important to the event, but didn’t quiet realise the huge impact that it had until the day, as we had much more interest than ever before” – J. Lloyd, Manager, Cock O Barton Bar & Restaurant

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